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It’s amazing how much time, work and effort people put into creating something a Houston lux apt for instance and then in seconds it can be swept away, effortlessly, by a hurricane. Hurricane Harvey to be exact. Leave it to Houston to bounce back better than before, although my complex flooded doesn’t mean all the other ones did. I guess having a great apartment locator to back me up in my time of need was just as important as Houston redoing its bayou system for the next hurricane. Houston has a better plan for hurricanes and for my next move I plan on using Apartment Living Locators again.

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Posted by Doug Spector on February 6th, 2018 11:01 PM

Tips When Applying For An Apartment in Houston

Doug Spector

After asking numerous Houston apartment managers what advice they might have for anyone wanting to rent an apartment at their complex, the number one answer they gave was that the applicant be "upfront and honest."

Chances are, in this "information age", that there's a great chance that any falsified information given either verbally or written on the application, will be caught anyway.
And if that happens, the person applying will most likely lose their application fee, admin fee and many times even their deposit.

Most managers are helpful when the applicant is upfront about any previous rental or credit problems.  They can usually tell the person right away whether their past issue(s) would prevent them from being approved at their place, thus saving time and money.  Also, managers can possibly assist by referring them to another property they might know that would work with them or refer a good reputable Houston apartment locator.

Something else potential renters should  do when applying for an apartment, is to fill-out the application as thoroughly as possible, leaving little to none of the questions blank.

" Leaving a lot of blanks sets off red flags," says Charles Bruce, manager at Tanglewood Place Apartments.  Another manager at the Whittfield Apartments, strongly advises to fill out the entire application, both current and previous information that is requested.  "We have a point system and sometimes you need the previous info to have enough points [to qualify]; having to keep calling to get info holds up the application."

Manager Charles Bruce also suggests to be "neat" on the application.  By "neat" he means, try not make mistakes when entering information... this may come back as a negative result which could delay the application approval.

He also says it's a good idea to bring 2-3 recent check stubs or financial information and current ID .  Obviously, this not only speeds up the whole process but it also impresses the leasing and property manager staff as it shows the applicant is a serious candidate and deserves quick service in return.

When the applicant tours the property and later fills-out the application to rent, whether on the same day or not, it never hurts to dress nicely.  You know...first impressions!  Applying for an apartment should be taken almost as serious as applying for a job...both could be viewed as "selling yourself."

Posted by Doug Spector on April 13th, 2017 7:41 PM

Doug Spector

If you're looking for Houston apartments to rent, one of the things you might want to consider is the security of the apartment complex.  While there is no such thing as a crime-free apartment, there are certain things you can do while pursuing your Houston apartment hunt that could possibly help you be more aware of your surroundings and try to get the most secure place for the money. 
Recently, The Houston Police Department has instituted the "Blue Star Multi- Housing Program" which is a joint effort between the police and Houston apartment managers and residents to help lower the crime rate in apartment complexes.  
The police train the managers in a class in various ways to make the complex more secure and the complex has to have a survey of the property to qualify which takes into effect such things as lighting, onsite security and other such necessities.
You can see which complexes have been certified by visiting their website online: and to also learn more about this three phase program.
Online apartment rating web sites can be helpful too. You can check Houston crime data including crime rates by neighborhood online with Neighborhood Scout
Another website is Spot Crime
which has an interactive map showing what crimes have been reported via Google Map. 
You can also call the local library and have their research staff help you with finding out how accurate the information is on these web sites.
Once you've narrowed your search to a handful of places, you can also check with the police for the crime rate on that apartment complex itself.  You might do a walk of the community yourself, looking at the same kinds of things the Blue Star survey does. 

If it's a gated community, check the statistics of the gate, as to how often it's been repaired.  That could be a sign of a potential crime issue. 
Also many apartment complexes now run criminal background checks on incoming residents.  Check too, if the apartment has the "Blue Star Lease Addendum" which cites specific actions that will be taken by management if a resident or someone under the resident's control is involved in illegal or dangerous activity on or near the rental property. 
Once you find an apartment, you might consider getting renter's insurance, just in case.  It's usually not very expensive for the amount of coverage it offers. 
As always, remember, if you need assistance in finding an apartment in Houston, contact a good reputable apartment locator.

Posted by Doug Spector on April 5th, 2017 8:36 PM

Doug Spector
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Back in the 60’s & early 70’s, seeing apartments in Houston with signs and banners advertising their rental prices along with the words “All Bills Paid” (ABP) or “Utilities Included” was commonplace.  These days however, apartments that still boast of such deals are few and far between. 

If I had to guess as to why the change, I’d suppose the main reason probably was it just started getting too expensive for apartment owners. They saw electric prices steadily soar from only $.02-$.04 cents per kilowatt hour from the 60’s thru the early 80’s up to $.12 cents and higher in the following three decades. 

Also, it’s a fact that most tenants knowing that their electric and water are “on the house,” they tend not to be too concerned about conserving energy…you know like letting the a/c run all day and not turning off lights when not needed.

I remember as a kid growing up in my parents’ house that it was 'law' to turn off the lights and if I ever forgot, I’d get the same lecture that always started with, “do you know how much money it cost to run the lights… It’s not free little man”

With this in mind, i
n 1973 the Texas legislature passed a law that there could be no more "All Bills Paid" apartments. This was because of the oil embargo and energy crisis that was going on. Some properties that were already ABP were grandfathered so they could stay ABP. This is why you never find ABP properties built after 1973.

Also in the early 2000's the legislature mandated that properties had to charge for water and that's why most apartments charge for water now.

With all that said, believe it or not, there are still a few apartments in the Houston and surrounding areas that include all utilities.  My recent count that include both water and electric is 24 complexes (three of which are in the Galleria area) and 9 others with the free electric but not the free water. 

Their rent prices vary depending on location but many are actually very reasonable.  For example, the three above mentioned complexes in the Galleria area start at only $705 for 1bd, $925 for 2bd, $1,225 for 3bd & $1,685 for 4 bd.


For a list of these rare Houston apartments still offering No Electric Bills, some with No Water Bills also, contact a good reputable Houston Apartment Locator who knows about these and other great apartment deals in general.

Posted by Doug Spector on March 15th, 2017 11:34 PM
Doug Spector 
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How Important is Rental History Anyway?

When applying to rent an apartment in Houston, your rental history is super important being at the top of the criteria list of what management companies and owners look for when considering you as a potential tenant.  In terms of importance, rental history ranks just below criminal history. 

The main reason why your rental history is so major is mainly because apartment management figures that whatever you’ve done in the past, you’re prone to repeat and thus sees you as a higher risk than someone with ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ rental history.

You could be the nicest, kindest and greatest person in the world but if you have bad rental history, those wonderful traits most likely will be overshadowed by the simple fact that you also unfortunately possess a flawed rental background.



Though not as bad as evictions, previous broken leases are a big red flag to most complexes. Still, some apartment managers might work with you if you are up front about it upon your first visit to or contact with the property. It just all depends on their company policies, usually set forth by the owner(s).

they’ll look at the underlying circumstances as to why you had broken your lease. If it's something they feel is legitimate,such as "Job Relocation" or "Family Emergency" as examples, then there are greater odds they’ll take that into consideration in the approval process.

There might be other circumstances too which will give them cause to take a second look. So, if you feel you had a good reason for breaking a prior lease, by all means explain your case in detail and it's best to do so in person as opposed to text, phone or email. Go dressed professionally as if you were applying for a know, first impressions.    

They’ll also take notice if you broke your lease owing money to any previous landlords. If you don’t owe anything, then your chances are a whole lot better; however, if you do have an outstanding balance, that makes things worse. The new place certainly doesn't want the same kind of treatment.

If you’ve broken a lease in the past and know you still owe that landlord, then it’s a good idea to pay it off first before even applying for another rental somewhere else.  If you’re unsure if you owe anything or don’t know the amount, simply contact the manager where you broke the lease and ask.  Also, if you’re unable to pay the amount in full, ask if you can start a payment plan.

Either way, complete payoff or payment plan, be sure to get it in writing and signed.  Then bring that receipt or letter (as proof) with you to the new complex you’re applying will make a huge difference in your favor!

There’s no guarantee that any given complex will approve you with a broken lease even if you follow the advice above but it will definitely improve the probability greatly!

Also, if you have a broken lease, it never hurts to have someone go to bat for you and speak kind words on your behalf.  A good reputable Houston apartment locator who has a good rapport with lots of management companies, would be the perfect choice for that situation. 



If you’ve been evicted (asked to vacate a property) in the past, that is much harder to negotiate than a broken lease.  Once again, be up front about it.  In either case, a broken lease or eviction, if you try to “slide it by them” by omitting it on your application, the likelihood of their "catching it" is high, especially these days with advanced technology and shared databases.  And if they find out that you've falsified that vital information on the application, they’ll probably keep your app fee along with your deposit.  Trying to get your money refunded, will probably be an uphill battle which you’ll most likely lose.

But even with an eviction, there’s still hope. Once again and more than ever, you’ll want the help of a good reputable Houston apartment locator who already knows which management companies and complexes might work with that situation and save you time, money and lots of aggravation--but still no guaranties.

Also, in either the case of a prior broken lease or eviction, once you find favor with an apartment willing to give second chances, don’t be surprised if they ask for a higher deposit and/or two or more month’s rent up front.  


It is so important to always do everything possible to protect your rental history.  Keep open communications in a friendly civilized manner with your manager/landlord before breaking a lease or getting evicted (even if you feel justified at the time).  Try to work things out first.  If that still goes nowhere, then you might contact The Houston Apartment Association ( or file an online complaint with them at:  You may also consider obtaining legal counsel. 

Simply put, try to avoid at all costs getting bad rental history--it will most likely come back to haunt you if and when you ever want to rent any type of home again, not only in Houston but the entire country.

Posted by Doug Spector on March 12th, 2017 9:57 AM

Paul Murany
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Hi there... Paul here...just some random thoughts about various apartments in Houston and related subjects...
Did you know there is an apartment complex in Houston that borders Addicks reservoir and has an access gate to the reservoir and about a zillion acres of wilderness and trails?
Paul 713-478-7755

Did you know that there is a very nice complex in the Memorial area that has a house in the middle of it? And you can lease the house?
Paul 713-478-7755
Along the same vein...there is a luxury apartment complex in the Medical center that is built completely around a house because the owner of the house held out and refused to sell, so the complex was built around the house.
Paul 713-478-7755
Did you know there is an apartment complex in North Houston that is all houses and duplexes? You rent them and they are treated like apartments including having 24 hour maintenance and having the complex mow your lawn.
Paul 713-478-7755
Did you know the oldest complex in Houston started life as a cotton warehouse in 1880? They are now lofts and the massive beams you can see while there came from trees on site that were cut down and used for the original construction.
Paul 713-478-7755
Did you know that legendary Mayor and County Judge Roy Hofheinz once had a ranch “outside the city” that is now an apartment complex in the middle of the Galleria area and one of the swimming pools was the original one on his ranch?
Did you know if you were curious about any of these you can call or email me and I will gladly tell you where they, or any other properties, are?

Posted by Doug Spector on March 7th, 2017 2:16 PM

Doug Spector
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Houston has figuratively exploded in the last 5-8 years with tons of beautiful Luxury Apartments, High-rises and Mid-rises.  These luxurious places are so numerous, each one claiming to offer something different and unique from their competitors.  

Here is just a short list of some of the amenities that the luxury Houston Apartments offer:

Fitness center, Pool, Business center, Gated entrance (guarded), Assigned parking, Theater room, Club house, Picnic area, Outdoor Grills, Game/Sport room, Elevators, Community garage, W/D connections, Walk-in closets, Garden/large tubs, Private patios/balconies, Attached garages, Cable ready, Hi-speed internet, High ceilings, Storage closet outside, Non-carpeted flooring, Custom built-ins, Ice makers, Self cleaning ovens, Dishwashers, Garbage disposals, Ceiling fans, Miniblinds, Microwaves, Frost free refrigerators, Wine chiller, under counter lighting, island kitchen, Off the leash dog park and monthly Yappy Hours for pets, Dry cleaning, valet & refrigerated food delivery lockers, Massage and facial spa & Yoga/stretch studio, Pool & sundeck – views of lakes, downtown skyline, parks, Galleria and more, outdoor kitchen & fireplace, wood floors, concierge.

Then, their prices too can vary from a little to hundreds of dollars per month. 
So, how do you know that you’re making the right choice?

Well one way is to “go at it alone” if you’ve got the time, patience and knowledge of the different locations/areas.

But another way, which won’t cost you anything, is to use the Free Services of a good reputable Houston Apartment Locator company that has been around for for a good while and whose agents know the Houston Luxury Apartment market like the back of their hands. Also choose a licensed locator who follows the rules and guidelines set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

They can turn what could’ve been a very daunting and frustrating task of finding the right Houston apartment into a simple and fun experience.  Plus you should get the feeling that you didn’t leave any stone unturned--that you chose the best place that matched your budget and style...and you got the most bang for the buck when it comes to amenities/luxuries.

Happy hunting!

Posted by Doug Spector on March 1st, 2017 7:00 PM

Doug Spector/broker

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 credit score is a statistical number that depicts a person's creditworthiness. Scores range from the worst being 300 and the best being 850.

Credit score is a number assigned to a person that indicates to lenders their capacity to repay a loan.  Originally, this was used in the housing market for obtaining mortgage loans. Then it started being utilized in the vehicle purchasing and leasing industry.

--And now, guess where it’s being used…In the Apartment Rental Business.

Many Apartments in Houston are now using credit scores to determine the likelihood of a potential tenant to pay his/her rent in full, on time, and throughout the life of the lease.

It is not a personal attack. It's simply a business decision. Most individuals or companies renting Houston apartments want credit scores from applicants to be around 620 or higher.

On occasion, complexes might make exceptions if you were to fall slightly short. Some might ask for a higher deposit, others might offer for you to pay two months rent up front and still some could possibly ask you to get a cosigner.  It never hurts to ask if they fail to offer.

There are ways to improve your credit score but that usually takes quite some time—months and even years. Get more information about repairing credit by visiting Also, you can review all of your credit reports for free each year at

If you're not sure if you'll qualify to rent an apartment because of low, bad or borderline credit, call a good apartment locator in Houston.  They can possibly assist in overcoming credit issues you might have by talking to and/or working a deal with the apartment manager on your behalf.  Also, a good locator, will also know places that aren’t as strict about credit scores and might be willing to work with it pending other positive attributes such as good job security, long time employment, good income, good rental history, etc.

In my next blog post on Qualifying For Renting A Houston Apartment, I'll discuss how previous rental history can affect your chances of qualifying, both positively and negatively.

Stay tuned.....

Posted by Doug Spector on February 26th, 2017 2:03 PM

    Hello, my name is Paul Murany and I'm the Manager and a locator at Apartment  Living Locators in Houston,Texas. I have been in the business for 19 years. When I got in this industry ( way back in the 20th century), things were very different. The internet wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is now and we locators worked out of a huge data book that had all the apartments in it and would just use a computer with a DOS system to type up the apartment information.

  Things have obviously changed and the Internet allows people to search for their  own apartments and easily contact the complexes themselves- so why would anybody even need an apartment locator? Why on earth call some stranger to have them do what you can do for yourself? Even though its always a frees service, calling someone to do something you think you can do yourself is sometimes a little off putting.

  Well, the truth of the matter is you really can't search all the properties. And certainly not as quickly or as thoroughly as a locator can. Yes, if you have driven by a complex and know that's where you want to live, you can probably find them online and do everything from your couch on your own. But, what if you want granite counter tops? Or stainless steel appliances or hardwood floors? Maybe you just want hi-rises. Perhaps you have a large dog. Do you have a data base of every apartment in the city that you can quickly and accurately search? Without the database you will spend your days on Google trying to get information-only to find that most of the Google hits that pop up are Houston apartment finders anyway.

   The other thing that Houston apartment locators can do is weed out the properties or management companies that may have issues. Even the nicest, most luxurious property is only as good and the management company that runs it. Do you know which ones are the ones to avoid? You can look online for ratings but those are terribly inaccurate since pretty much the only people that post reviews are those who are upset; plus many properties send in bad reviews about their competitors and give themselves great reviews. A good locator will know the management companies and the apartments because they are dealing with them 40 hours a week all year long. In general a good locator can match you with then best property for the money or at least give you some clear and precise options. It’s not to say a locator can guarantee your lease will be trouble free-sometimes you just move next door to the wrong person or come up against the bad apple in a company but a locator can at least keep you in the most reputable property for the money.

  A good Houston locator will also do your leg work: call the properties for you to check specials, availability, make an appointment for you if need one and make sure you know the actual prices (prices these days sometimes change by the hour).

  All you have to do is give your locator the information they need and then go look and lease. Everything else has been done for you.

  Of course, all locators aren’t created equal and we at Apartment Living Locators think are the best. We are one of the oldest locating firms with an experienced, professional and conscientious staff. So, if you need a new Houston apartment and want to find the best possible place with all the features you are looking for, be sure to give us a call at 713.78.1441 or send us an email-or stop by-we love to meet our clients in person. And. as always, our service is 100% free-we get paid by the properties when you list us as your referral and move in.

   So, call us—and don't do this alone!

Posted by Doug Spector on February 23rd, 2017 12:57 PM

With Houston being the 4th largest city in the US and with an established economy, apartment community developers started building in surplus. Large companies like Greystar Property Management, ZRS and Roscoe started a ripple effect of growth to establish the newest and most luxurious communities to introduce to our thriving city.

With an abundance of apartment options to chose from, communities are offering increased upfront free rent combined with low monthly rents to outbid their competition.

Whereas a few years ago being offered 1 month free on a 12 month lease was an amazing deal we are now seeing apartments in Houston offering between 2 and 3 months free!

Our analysis shows that the average price on a luxury one bedroom is currently $1,145.00, but we are seeing them as low as $850.00 in areas with high concentrations of new buildups like the Energy Corridor. Additionally with December thru February being the slower leasing season, prices are being reduced even more to attract renters.

With rates going down and communities offering up to 3 months free, now is the time! Contact us today for a custom list of properties that meet your needs! 

Colin Patz
Luxury Apartment Specialist

Posted by Doug Spector on February 22nd, 2017 8:05 AM