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This cozy quiet Houston Apartment located at 5331 Beverly Hills has assigned parking, perimeter fence, 

Carports, some units have washer & dryer connections and some with private patios/balconies! 

1bedrooms ranging from $706 to the $900’s 

2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms ranging from $850,$880,$950 and up 

Houston Apartment Living Locators Houston Apartment Living Locators  

This secluded quaint Houston Apartment in the Galleria Area at 3000 Greenridge 

Has 1 bedrooms starting at $754 and then a few other floorplans ranging in the mid $800’s 

Entrance Gates, Elevators, Assigned Covered Parking, Lush Landscaping 

Houston Apartment Living Locators 

This quaint retreat sits in the midst of the popular Galleria in southwest Houston. The community is surrounded by multitude of restaurants, businesses and shops, many within walking distance.  Located at 6041 Winsome.  This is a smaller complex with only 109 apartments! 

1 bedrooms $800 & $860  

2 bedrooms starting at only $960 

To find out more about these and others in all areas of Houston, contact a well-known established Free Houston Apartment Locators company that can give you current availability, any specials and your own VIP TOUR. 


Posted by Doug Spector on September 11th, 2019 5:03 PM

4 Ways to Save Money While Renting an Apartment

If you’ve recently moved into a Houston rental apartment, whether you’re new to the area or you’ve just moved out of your parents’ house, you’re probably thinking about how to save money in your new Houston apartment rental. Life can throw unexpected expenses our way sometimes, so it can be handy to save money wherever you can. Here we offer you 4 tips for saving money on your Houston apartment rental!

1. Buy fewer things

It might seem obvious or patronizing, but the vast majority of people who are “broke” are not broke – they just spend their money on things which aren’t important. Although we all need to put a little bit of cash away for “treats” and “fun”… do you really need that brand new iPhone when you’ve just moved into your new Houston rental apartment? Probably not. Think twice before buying things which aren’t necessary for your survival, especially if they’re expensive.

2. Go to thrift stores

Larger thrift stores and charity shops tend to sell furniture and household items, much of which is just as good as new! If you’re furnishing your own apartment and you don’t have the cash to be splashing out on a bunch of new sofas, try heading down to the local thrift store and seeing what they’ve got in stock. As with any thrift store or charity shop, you’ve got to find the diamonds in all the rough, but those diamonds could serve you well and save you a pretty penny when you’re scraping together your rent money!

3. Stop buying physical entertainment

The vast majority of media can now be consumed via digital streaming services, meaning you no longer have to buy DVDs, CDs, books, and many other forms of entertainment. Although you inevitably have to pay for these services, they “pay for themselves” if you use them enough, especially if you’re binging Netflix shows for hours on end. Not only will you save money on buying all those physical discs, but you’ll also save space because you won’t have a bunch of DVDs, books, and CDs which need storing somewhere in your apartment.

4. Be mindful of your energy consumption

The best way to reduce your utility bills is to simply form good habits and stick to them! When you first move into your Houston rental apartment, you may have some bad habits such as leaving lights on (when you’re not in a room) and forgetting to turn off your A/C when you’re not home. Automation and sensible habits can go a long way, saving you lots of money in the process!

Posted by Doug Spector on October 10th, 2018 10:42 PM

Things to Consider Before Renewing Your Lease


Doug Spector Profile Pic
Doug Spector/broker

Let’s face it, moving home can be a daunting and stressful experience. Often times, staying put can be a much simpler solution. However, you want to make sure that the apartment in which you are staying is comfortable to your needs, offers fair market value, and receives necessary attention from the landlord. Here are specific things to consider before putting pen to paper and renewing your Houston, TX apartment lease:

1) Does this specific apartment still hold its appeal to you?

As a renter, you have the flexibility to decide where you live. Despite the stress, you have the freedom to decide your next move relatively easily. As such, you want to ensure that the neighborhood, facilities, and general décor are up to standard. If not, you can always attempt to negotiate with the landlord for reduced rates or better response to maintenance requests.

2) Check out competing properties in the neighborhood

If you’re open to the idea of moving, even if not convinced, a good benchmark would be searching different properties in the area. That way, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s on offer and at what price. You may be surprised to discover your rent is comparably a lot more expensive than other places of a similar standard. On the flip side, you could be enjoying significantly cheaper rent than the average. Either way, you’ll be ready to make your lease renewal decision more easily armed with hardcore facts.

3) Consider alternative options

If you are truly unsure what to do when it comes time to renew, consider asking your landlord for more flexible renewal terms. It’s not unheard of for landlords to offer month to month rental agreements, or even half year leases (opposed to a full year). These types of agreements aren’t commonplace, but from a landlord’s point of view, a longstanding resident offering a guaranteed monthly rental income is better than a vacant property!


Regardless of how you choose to proceed, making an early decision often saves tons of stress (and potential late fees). In addition, deciding your future earlier allows ample time for you to plan your move – if that’s your decision – which we here at Apartment Living Locators already know is a fairly daunting prospect and we’re always available to help for free. Not only that, but it also helps you to maintain a stronger relationship and rapport with your Houston, TX landlord if you decide to stay. 

Posted by Doug Spector on August 6th, 2018 2:39 PM
It’s amazing how much time, work and effort people put into creating something a Houston lux apt for instance and then in seconds it can be swept away, effortlessly, by a hurricane. Hurricane Harvey to be exact. Leave it to Houston to bounce back better than before, although my complex flooded doesn’t mean all the other ones did. I guess having a great apartment locator to back me up in my time of need was just as important as Houston redoing its bayou system for the next hurricane. Houston has a better plan for hurricanes and for my next move I plan on using Apartment Living Locators again.

Samantha Fernandes
Happy Customer
Posted by Doug Spector on February 6th, 2018 11:01 PM


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