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Five Reasons You Should Rent an Apartment in Houston Texas
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Do you want to move to Houston, Texas? Even if you have your heart set on this vibrant, loving and wholesome community, there are still a few roadblocks – namely, finding your ideal apartment or condo. However, we feel this short blog is still helpful for those who haven’t completely decided on moving to Houston.

Although, before we jump into the abundance of apartment options that are available to rent in Houston, Texas. We felt that we needed to give you five reasons, why this is the ideal American location, for families, singles, young couples, the elderly and even students. So, without further ado, here’s our top five reasons, you should consider renting an apartment in Houston Texas.

1. Job Opportunities

Unarguably, Houston is buzzing with job opportunities, from business to retail, to manual, to scientific. Likewise, the business hub in Houston, is nearly on par with NYC, because it has the highest amount of Fortune 500 companies in the USA. Moreover, it is worth noting that Houston has extremely low unemployment rates, based on the latest stats, its 3.7%. So, it's safe to say that Houston, can provide you with the chance to enhance your career.

2. It’s the number one location….

Now, we’re not being biased, as we’re based out of Houston, the statistics speak for themselves. More and more people are selecting to relocate to Houston, due to the amazing benefits, great climate and residential options. In fact, last year Houston gained over 35,000 new residents.

3. Affordable Housing Options

Surprisingly, this rapidly growing area still has extremely affordable apartments, houses, and condos for rent in Houston. Besides the traditional buildings, which have been converted into trendy, chic apartments, there are also many modern apartments to select. So, we can confidently say that you will not have any trouble finding an apartment to rent in Houston.

4. NASA 

Well, it would be rude to miss this benefit, or should we say feature from our list! Houston is also known as the “Space City.” Besides job opportunities, it’s a great place to visit, regardless of your age!

5. Diversity

Well, our final point is just as important. Now, since Houston is constantly gaining new residents, the population is extremely diverse. In fact, Forbes awarded Houston with the title of “the coolest city in the USA” in 2012. If you’re thinking wait… that was seven years ago! Well yes, but it has been listed every year by Forbes, as part of their “top places to live.”

The Bottom Line

Houston has demonstrated why it is one of (if not) the best locations to live in the USA. Well, besides the five benefits above, Houston offers its residents with a unique balance of modernity and tradition.

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Posted by Doug Spector on October 19th, 2019 4:41 PM

4 Ways to Save Money While Renting an Apartment

If you’ve recently moved into a Houston rental apartment, whether you’re new to the area or you’ve just moved out of your parents’ house, you’re probably thinking about how to save money in your new Houston apartment rental. Life can throw unexpected expenses our way sometimes, so it can be handy to save money wherever you can. Here we offer you 4 tips for saving money on your Houston apartment rental!

1. Buy fewer things

It might seem obvious or patronizing, but the vast majority of people who are “broke” are not broke – they just spend their money on things which aren’t important. Although we all need to put a little bit of cash away for “treats” and “fun”… do you really need that brand new iPhone when you’ve just moved into your new Houston rental apartment? Probably not. Think twice before buying things which aren’t necessary for your survival, especially if they’re expensive.

2. Go to thrift stores

Larger thrift stores and charity shops tend to sell furniture and household items, much of which is just as good as new! If you’re furnishing your own apartment and you don’t have the cash to be splashing out on a bunch of new sofas, try heading down to the local thrift store and seeing what they’ve got in stock. As with any thrift store or charity shop, you’ve got to find the diamonds in all the rough, but those diamonds could serve you well and save you a pretty penny when you’re scraping together your rent money!

3. Stop buying physical entertainment

The vast majority of media can now be consumed via digital streaming services, meaning you no longer have to buy DVDs, CDs, books, and many other forms of entertainment. Although you inevitably have to pay for these services, they “pay for themselves” if you use them enough, especially if you’re binging Netflix shows for hours on end. Not only will you save money on buying all those physical discs, but you’ll also save space because you won’t have a bunch of DVDs, books, and CDs which need storing somewhere in your apartment.

4. Be mindful of your energy consumption

The best way to reduce your utility bills is to simply form good habits and stick to them! When you first move into your Houston rental apartment, you may have some bad habits such as leaving lights on (when you’re not in a room) and forgetting to turn off your A/C when you’re not home. Automation and sensible habits can go a long way, saving you lots of money in the process!

Posted by Doug Spector on October 10th, 2018 10:42 PM

Things to Consider Before Renewing Your Lease


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Let’s face it, moving home can be a daunting and stressful experience. Often times, staying put can be a much simpler solution. However, you want to make sure that the apartment in which you are staying is comfortable to your needs, offers fair market value, and receives necessary attention from the landlord. Here are specific things to consider before putting pen to paper and renewing your Houston, TX apartment lease:

1) Does this specific apartment still hold its appeal to you?

As a renter, you have the flexibility to decide where you live. Despite the stress, you have the freedom to decide your next move relatively easily. As such, you want to ensure that the neighborhood, facilities, and general décor are up to standard. If not, you can always attempt to negotiate with the landlord for reduced rates or better response to maintenance requests.

2) Check out competing properties in the neighborhood

If you’re open to the idea of moving, even if not convinced, a good benchmark would be searching different properties in the area. That way, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s on offer and at what price. You may be surprised to discover your rent is comparably a lot more expensive than other places of a similar standard. On the flip side, you could be enjoying significantly cheaper rent than the average. Either way, you’ll be ready to make your lease renewal decision more easily armed with hardcore facts.

3) Consider alternative options

If you are truly unsure what to do when it comes time to renew, consider asking your landlord for more flexible renewal terms. It’s not unheard of for landlords to offer month to month rental agreements, or even half year leases (opposed to a full year). These types of agreements aren’t commonplace, but from a landlord’s point of view, a longstanding resident offering a guaranteed monthly rental income is better than a vacant property!


Regardless of how you choose to proceed, making an early decision often saves tons of stress (and potential late fees). In addition, deciding your future earlier allows ample time for you to plan your move – if that’s your decision – which we here at Apartment Living Locators already know is a fairly daunting prospect and we’re always available to help for free. Not only that, but it also helps you to maintain a stronger relationship and rapport with your Houston, TX landlord if you decide to stay. 

Posted by Doug Spector on August 6th, 2018 2:39 PM

Noisy Neighbors?

How to deal with noisy apartment neighbors in Houston, TX

Does it sound like you are living underneath or above a herd of elephants, is it party central or just thin walls?

When it comes to renting apartments, its the luck of the draw hen it comes to neighbors, sometimes you have good luck but sometimes you can be stuck with the neighbor from hell.

It is a common occurrence, but how do you deal with it? And are there any noise laws in Texas that directly address this issue at your disposal?

The actual act confronting your neighbor can be more stressful than anticipated because you don’t know how they will react.

We are going to look at two possibilities that can help you with the noise at hand.

How to communicate with your noisy neighbors:

It seems like the simple and obvious solution right? Well not always, like we have already highlighted you cannot predict how your neighbor will respond to your complaint. Nine times out of ten you will have an empathetic and understanding neighbor, but occasionally you may have that neighbor who may take it the wrong way completely…which could be quite difficult, especially if you are in an apartment where you are bound to cross paths on a regular basis--Two completely different outcomes.

Before lashing out at your neighbors, even if the noise levels have been ridiculous, going in with a level-headed calm approach will guarantee a far better result than if you go in ‘hot’ headed…where you are more likely to receive the same unfriendly response in return, no matter how justified you may be.

So if you approach your neighbor in a calm and polite manner, you have a far better chance to get him/her to keep it quieter or at least work on a compromise.  

Speak to your Landlord

If speaking to your neighbors has crashed and failed, then the next option is going to your landlord/manager directly. He/she may speak to the noisy one on your behalf, because at the end of the day it’s the apartment responsibility to keep the peace between neighboring tenants, so it is in their interest to remedy the problem.

Also, you will find in most tenancy agreements in Texas there are certain noise limitations and restrictions, particularly in apartment complexes. Your landlord/manager should be well aware of state laws as well as their own bylaws at the specific complex and deal with the issue accordingly on your behalf.

However, whether you approach your neighbor directly or inform your landlord, you should make one or both aware of the problem. Too many times, renters tend to just let it slide” as to avoid being labeled the “complaining tenant/neighbor” but you pay good rent, work hard and more than deserve peace and quiet in your own home.

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Posted by Doug Spector on May 10th, 2018 8:05 PM

Tips for Apartment Maintenance in Houston, TX

Although it’s usually your landlord’s job to look after their apartments when things go awry, there are some things you can do in order to prevent problems from occurring in your apartment in the first place. Renting an apartment in Houston, TX comes with challenges which may not exist in other cities, so it’s helpful to follow these tips and ensure that your apartment continues to run smoothly!

  1. Clean your floor regularly

    It can be easy to let your floor get dirty and dusty over time, but try not to allow this to happen! When dirt gets embedded into carpets and rugs, you can quickly begin to ruin the carpet itself. Wooden/laminate floors aren’t safe either, as dirt can easily cause scratches and discoloration in the wood, all of which tend to lend themselves to an unhappy landlord! Placing “welcome” mats around the entrance to your apartment may help to reduce dirt on your floors. Nevertheless, clean and vacuum your floors regularly, sweeping on a daily basis and mopping on a weekly basis.

  2. Look after your HVAC units

    When renting an apartment in a climate such as Houston, TX, you’re going to be encountering heat levels which might not be common in other parts of the country. As a result, it is imperative that you look after your heating and A/C units accordingly. The best way to do this, as a general rule, is to ensure that they are receiving proper airflow to all of their parts. Every now and then, it may be a good idea to vacuum your vents, as this prevents the air from getting dusty and unpleasant. If the filters need to be changed, don’t wait to do so! If you think that your HVAC units may need a professional clean/maintenance, don’t be afraid to contact your landlord.

  3. Keep your drains clear!

Keeping your drains clear of sticky debris is the easiest way to extend their lifecycle and avoid things such as leaks or blockages. Avoid pouring things into your pipes which could block them; they already have enough to deal with in terms of food debris and shower-hair! On that note, if your shower plug is clogged with hair, remove this hair before it makes its way down the drain completely. You should also ensure that your toilet is kept clear, using a plunger to remove any unsanitary clogs.

Keeping your Houston, TX apartment well-maintained is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you build a positive rapport with your landlord, so be sure to use these tips on a regular basis!

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Posted by Doug Spector on May 2nd, 2018 11:15 AM

 4 Tips for Personalizing Your Rental Apartment in Houston, TX

Although some landlords are strict with their policies, others allow you to personalize your apartment to a certain degree, as long as you don’t make any major changes to their furniture and amenities. When you rent an apartment in Houston, TX, you need to make sure what your landlord’s rules are before you make any modifications. However, with that said, here are some tips for making your rental apartment in Houston, TX, feel a little more personal and homely! 

1. Buy practical items

Some apartments in Houston can be small, especially if you’re renting a studio apartment. In this case, you should consider buying some furniture which has dual purposes. For example, if you’re looking for more storage space and also require a coffee table, why not buy a coffee table which has built-in storage space included? Many European furniture makers, such as IKEA, sell furniture and items which have built-in storage space and smart designs which could be helpful in smaller apartments. At least in Houston, you probably don’t need to store any bulky winter coats or blankets!

2. Put mirrors up

Mirrors can help to make a small rental apartment look much bigger than it actually is, and this is a trick which is frequently used by interior designers and decorators. Having a lot of mirrors on your walls in Houston also encourages more light to enter your apartment, meaning that the sunlight streaming through your windows illuminates your apartment more easily. 

3. Keep things tidy

It’s no secret that some Houston rental apartments can be small, so its best to organize your belongings and keep your apartment from getting cluttered. If you don’t need something, then throw it away! If you don’t wear an item of clothing for more than 1 year, throw it away! When you have limited apartment space, you can’t afford to be a hoarder. Keeping things tidy also makes your apartment appear larger!

4. Use light colors

Although you may not be able to repaint a rental apartment in Houston, try your best to find one which embraces a color scheme with lighter colors! There’s a reason that so many Spanish and Italian towns are covered in white paint – it helps to reflect heat and keep you cool. Although Houston isn’t the Italian Riviera, it no doubt receives just as much heat, if not more.

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Posted by Doug Spector on April 25th, 2018 11:41 AM

Tips When Applying For An Apartment in Houston

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After asking numerous Houston apartment managers what advice they might have for anyone wanting to rent an apartment at their complex, the number one answer they gave was that the applicant be "upfront and honest."

Chances are, in this "information age", that there's a great chance that any falsified information given either verbally or written on the application, will be caught anyway. 
And if that happens, the person applying will most likely lose their application fee, admin fee and many times even their deposit.

Most managers are helpful when the applicant is upfront about any previous rental or credit problems.  They can usually tell the person right away whether their past issue(s) would prevent them from being approved at their place, thus saving time and money.  Also, managers can possibly assist by referring them to another property they might know that would work with them or refer a good reputable Houston apartment locator.

Something else potential renters should  do when applying for an apartment, is to fill-out the application as thoroughly as possible, leaving little to none of the questions blank.

" Leaving a lot of blanks sets off red flags," says Charles Bruce, manager at Tanglewood Place Apartments.  Another manager at the Whittfield Apartments, strongly advises to fill out the entire application, both current and previous information that is requested.  "We have a point system and sometimes you need the previous info to have enough points [to qualify]; having to keep calling to get info holds up the application."

Manager Charles Bruce also suggests to be "neat" on the application.  By "neat" he means, try not make mistakes when entering information... this may come back as a negative result which could delay the application approval.

He also says it's a good idea to bring 2-3 recent check stubs or financial information and current ID .  Obviously, this not only speeds up the whole process but it also impresses the leasing and property manager staff as it shows the applicant is a serious candidate and deserves quick service in return.

When the applicant tours the property and later fills-out the application to rent, whether on the same day or not, it never hurts to dress nicely.  You know...first impressions!  Applying for an apartment should be taken almost as serious as applying for a job...both could be viewed as "selling yourself."

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Posted by Doug Spector on April 18th, 2018 4:12 PM



If you're in the market right now to find a Houston Apartment, you couldn't have picked a better time!  Here at Aparment Living Locators, we haven't seen so many great specials like these at any given time and we've been around since 1971.


Here are just some of the specials in and around Houston currently running:


* Free Rent- Anywhere from 1-3 months FREE (unbelievable!) At least one month free is practically commonplace right now, many are giving 2 months free. Some are pro-rated and others right upfront.


* No Application Fees, No Admin Fees


* Little or Zero Deposit


* Free Gift Cards (up to $1,000)


* Two Complexes are giving away a free cruise for 2 out of Galveston


* Free Astros Tickets


* Reduced Rent


Some of the above specials are actually a combination of 2 or more. Many are dependent on your having good rental history, good credit and other criteria but most likely you'll qualify for some type of special with even mediocre scores.


To learn which Houston apartment complexes are offering which specials, contact a reputable and state licensed Houston apartment locating company.  Most are free services to potential renters and will gladly find you not only a super move-in special but also match your needs,budget and location with the right place(s).


Doug Spector/broker
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Posted by Doug Spector on April 12th, 2018 11:43 PM

Most of the Apartment Locating Companies in Houston don't charge any fees to their clients (people looking to rent).  However, usually they do get a referral fee or commission from the apartment complex where they send their clients who end-up renting there. This is how most apartment locators in Houston earn or supplement their living...much like the travel agent industry.

A very important thing to keep in mind is that the apartment's rental price remains the same whether renters are referred by a locator or not, so clients should never feel they could get a better "deal" going at it alone.  On the contrary, many times locators know which complexes are offering "specials" and even in some cases can in fact negotiate better prices on rent, deposits, application and/or admin fees for their clients. 

So if you're looking for an apartment in Houston, there's no reason to not take advantage of the truly great FREE service offered by a legitimate apartment locating company that is well established, licensed by the State of Texas and keeps up to date with the ever changing rental data.  A good locator will save you a ton of time, energy, money and frustration at no charge!

Also note that some good locators will (at your request) escort you to the properties, tour them with you, assist in filling-out "properly" the application and even celebrate your securing your new home by treating you to lunch like Apartment Living Locators!

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Posted by Doug Spector on March 3rd, 2018 4:37 PM
It’s amazing how much time, work and effort people put into creating something a Houston lux apt for instance and then in seconds it can be swept away, effortlessly, by a hurricane. Hurricane Harvey to be exact. Leave it to Houston to bounce back better than before, although my complex flooded doesn’t mean all the other ones did. I guess having a great apartment locator to back me up in my time of need was just as important as Houston redoing its bayou system for the next hurricane. Houston has a better plan for hurricanes and for my next move I plan on using Apartment Living Locators again.

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