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How to Increase Your Odds of Getting a Houston Apartment with Bad Credit, Rental History Issues and More!

February 4th, 2020 2:45 PM by Mike Barbaro

1. Check your credit score for free at or any other place you might use.  Many Houston Apartments are now factoring credit scores in their formula in qualifying potential tenants. While not necessarily a "make or break" deal, it definitely helps to have a good score and hurts with low scores.

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2.  If you have a previous broken lease, the longer it's been, the better.  The most common time frame complexes use as the marker to pass is around 3+ years.

Still some places are very strict and won't consider renting no matter how long it's been.

If you have a broken lease, you will increase your chances greatly if you contact the old complex to see what you can do to get this taken off your record.  Usually, it's just a matter of paying-off what you owe them and many times they're willing to take less once they hear you're wanting to make a deal.

Once you agree on that amount owed, pay it all if you can but if not make a monthly "payment plan" and get it in writing, signed by the manager and on their company letterhead. Then bring that agreement with you when applying at a new apartment...though it's not a guarantee for approval, it will definitely help tremendously.

If you still have problems finding an apartment that will work with your rental history, you might: 

* try getting a cosigner

* try putting the lease in the name of a roommate or whoever else might be living there with you (keep in mind that person must be able to qualify income-wise on their own) 

* offer to pay double deposit and/or pay 2 months rent up front or more 

* inform the manager of any good rental history you might have had since your broken lease...this will go a long way

* go in person (dress professionally),speak directly to the manager and put on your best charm/manners in your attempt to convince him/her why you'll be a great tenant!

* show-off your good paying and stable job...possibly have a very flattering letter from your employer bragging on you

3.  Worse than broken leases are evictions. While many complexes won't rent to someoneone who has a previous eviction, there are several that might work with that.  Once again, the older it is, the better and try some of the same tips from above regarding broken leases.

4. Usually, worse than evictions is a criminal record. Misdemeaners aren't always "Deal Breakers" but Felonies make it extremely difficult to rent an apartment but still not impossible.  Once again, the older the criminal record is, the better and the type of crime can make a difference too.

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Whatever your situation might be from those listed above, it's always a very good idea not to go at it alone.  Instead, put an expert in your corner by seeking assistance and guidance thru a reputable and licensed Houston Apartment Locator. They can help deal with the apartments on your behalf and usually at no charge! 


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