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Should I Have A Pet in My Houston Luxury Apartment?

April 17th, 2020 5:58 PM by Mike Barbaro

Pets are one of the top things to increase you quality of life! It seems that everyone has a type of animal that is their favorite pet. As wonderful as they are, you need to make sure when living in a Houston apartment, that you can live with one. Let's look at some things to consider...

Always check your lease

Apartment leases have very specific rules and regulations when it comes to pets. These can include size, weight and breed restrictions, as well as restrictions on the number of pets you may have. If your lease specifically prohibits pets, you can try talking to your landlord. In addition, cleaning apartments between pets can be very expensive, and those apartments that are not “pet-friendly” are likely going to stay that way.

Bonus Tip: If you have a roommate, make sure they are on board with a new pet in the home!

Pet Friendly Houston Apartments

Is your Houston Apartment pet-friendly?

Even if your apartment bills itself as friendly for pets, is it really an ideal environment for a dog, cat or other pet? This consideration matters more for dogs, particularly larger breeds. Does your complex have walking trails or, even better, a dog park? Are the walls between you and your neighbors unusually thin (do you ever hear barking dogs in your neighbor's apartments?) Is your current or planned apartment a townhome with a ground level entry or are you stuck on the third floor? Imagine having to let your dog outside in the middle of winter, in a storm, on a dark and bitter night. First floor access is best.

Are you ready for a pet?

If you are traveling a great deal, have a very young child, work around the clock or with unpredictable hours, or can’t handle your life being slightly out of control, you may want to think about getting a high maintenance pet. If the above sounds like your life but you desperately want an animal companion, a cat may be a far better choice. Alternatively, you can set pet ownership as a goal down the line, when your work schedule and life circumstances allow.

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Posted by Mike Barbaro on April 17th, 2020 5:58 PM


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