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Storage Tips for Smaller Houston Apartment Rentals

June 2nd, 2020 5:37 PM by Mike Barbaro

When renting an apartment it is always important to make sure there is ample storage for your needs. This is especially important when renting a Houston Apartment with lower square footage. Lets take a look at some storage hacks you can utilize!

Furniture Storage

When buying furniture for your home, always consider options with some stowage. Whether that’s a storage ottoman, a chic tiered side table or a coffee table with hidden compartments, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy both form and function.

Under the Bed Storage

Under you bed is an ideal space for storage, whether you're stashing your un worn wardrobe or looking for a place to stow extra blankets and comforters. Under-the-bed storage boxes are an inexpensive and easy solution for all bed types, and bed risers can maximize that down-low space. If you live in a studio, purchase a bed that features built-in pullout drawers and additional storage above the frame, proving to be a valuable solution. 

Under the Stairs Storage

Got more than one level in your Houston Apartment? Don't waste that under-the-stairs space! Install a slick pullout closet, where you can tuck away stuff  that never make it back upstairs. Stash your bikes and helmets under floating stairs with strategically-placed bike hooks, or ease morning mania by adding the perfect mudroom storage bench to organize shoes and schoolwork.

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Posted by Mike Barbaro on June 2nd, 2020 5:37 PM


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