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Tips When Applying for an Apartment in Houston

April 13th, 2017 7:41 PM by Doug Spector

Tips When Applying For An Apartment in Houston

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Doug Spector

After asking numerous Houston apartment managers what advice they might have for anyone wanting to rent an apartment at their complex, the number one answer they gave was that the applicant be "upfront and honest."

Chances are, in this "information age", that there's a great chance that any falsified information given either verbally or written on the application, will be caught anyway.
And if that happens, the person applying will most likely lose their application fee, admin fee and many times even their deposit.

Most managers are helpful when the applicant is upfront about any previous rental or credit problems.  They can usually tell the person right away whether their past issue(s) would prevent them from being approved at their place, thus saving time and money.  Also, managers can possibly assist by referring them to another property they might know that would work with them or refer a good reputable Houston apartment locator.

Something else potential renters should  do when applying for an apartment, is to fill-out the application as thoroughly as possible, leaving little to none of the questions blank.

" Leaving a lot of blanks sets off red flags," says Charles Bruce, manager at Tanglewood Place Apartments.  Another manager at the Whittfield Apartments, strongly advises to fill out the entire application, both current and previous information that is requested.  "We have a point system and sometimes you need the previous info to have enough points [to qualify]; having to keep calling to get info holds up the application."

Manager Charles Bruce also suggests to be "neat" on the application.  By "neat" he means, try not make mistakes when entering information... this may come back as a negative result which could delay the application approval.

He also says it's a good idea to bring 2-3 recent check stubs or financial information and current ID .  Obviously, this not only speeds up the whole process but it also impresses the leasing and property manager staff as it shows the applicant is a serious candidate and deserves quick service in return.

When the applicant tours the property and later fills-out the application to rent, whether on the same day or not, it never hurts to dress nicely.  You know...first impressions!  Applying for an apartment should be taken almost as serious as applying for a job...both could be viewed as "selling yourself."
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Excellent points Doug. A lot of renters are lacksadaisical about filling out forms not knowing that it's being taken very seriously by the property manager. I might add that using a simple property management software might help both landlords and tenants. I hope you don't me mentioning one such as Managecasa. It'll cut down on everyone's frustration.
Posted by Gord Collins on January 26th, 2018 12:51 PM


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